A Trusted Partner to the Middle Market

MRC Capital Group was founded in 2007 to focus on investing in lower-middle market companies who have trouble accessing traditional capital markets. MRC manages funds on behalf of its family office and high net worth investors with no institutional investors; allowing greater flexibility in our investment structuring. MRC employs an operational focused investment style built to leverage existing management expertise in concert with MRC's investment capital and partners' know-how. MRC has a proven record of adjusting our investment style to maximize investor value through varying market conditions while maintaining focus on financing lower-middle market companies.

In 2010 MRC added a Real Estate division focusing on net lease transactions which provide family office clients with a direct ownership and management approach to real estate investing. As an alternative to investing through illiquid funds (blind pools), in which investors have little control MRC's direct ownership approach affords investors an opportunity to structure NNN investments to harvest the benefits of other passive loss activity,maximize tax efficiency of asset sales, structure asset exchanges,and control leverage alternatives.